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20 May 2018

This toolkit series was created by verynice, a design strategy consultancy in Los Angeles that wanted to share everything they’ve learned with people like you:

  • Brand Strategy & Identity: Craft a strong and authentic brand strategy.
  • Marketing & Storytelling: Create a strategic marketing campaign that will inspire your audience to engage.
  • Mission Statements: Write a mission statement that your entire organization can rally behind.
  • Value Proposition: Uncover your perceived and projected value while writing a value proposition statement that can clearly communicate your niche.
  • Information Architecture: Organize your website content into an easy-to-follow site map.
  • User Experience & Interface: Collaboratively and quickly sketch a user experience that works.
  • Collaborative Analysis: Better define existing collaborations, or imagine new potential ones.
  • Competitive Analysis: Map out your direct and peripheral competition while also positioning yourself amongst them.
  • Strategic Planning: Write 12-month strategic plan that maps out key milestones and activities to get you where you need to be.

Our digital download is available on a pay-what-you-want basis, and includes easy-to-understand instructions.