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About Hack ID

In late-ish 2016, I started thinking about my own instructional design education and how it’s mostly been the function of reading whatever resources I could get my hands on (okay: I got to go to one ID certificate class from ATD [really good!] but I still haven’t been to a conference). Those resources have been invaluable to my growth as a designer and to my career progression.

Inspired by, Free Code Camp, and Designers for Learning (all listed on this site), I started thinking about what a free education specifically for instructional designers might look like. I thought about the more passive email course route, about a possible curriculum of interactive challenges with portfolio reviews. I thought about a network of in-person meetups. I thought about a series of (or one massive) instructional design open-source projects that would let newbie IDs get experience. And I still think any one of those would be a super-awesome idea… but I can’t pull those off alone. Those would take a village of IDs collaborating to bring them to life.

So, in the spirit of starting small, I figured a great first step would be a site that let other newbie IDs discover the free resources that have brought myself and others this far. That’s what Hack ID is for.


I want to make sure this site stays around, so I want to be super careful and super specific about the fact that I don’t allow or promote piracy. All of these educational resources are free. I don’t store user data and the links of the resources are redirected to the sites of the authors or content hosts. If any content of this site violates copyright, contact me to request the content’s deletion.


My name is Kristin. I’m a learning experience designer, junior web developer, and passionate side-project creator. I host the Dear Instructional Designer podcast, and blog frequently over at my site

Feel free to reach out to me by email or on Twitter.

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