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30 December 2016

This project-based course focuses on a real-world instructional need. As a participant in this course, you will evaluate and adapt open educational resources for adult basic education. You will begin the evaluation process by dissecting the adult basic education design scenario to explore key aspects of the opportunity.

As part of the instructional evaluation, you will select an open educational resource that was designed and developed in a prior Designers for Learning cohort to evaluate the extent to which the instructional materials are effectively and efficiently designed and developed to meet the needs and constraints. Based on this evaluation, you will then adapt the materials you reviewed into a new lesson or revise the open educational resources to enhance the:

  • instructional strategies and assessments,
  • learner experience features, such as directions and help, aesthetics of display, lesson sequencing, and overall ease of use,
  • affective considerations, such as arousing curiosity, establishing relevance, offering appropriate level of challenge, and maintaining learner’s attention, and
  • display features, such as images, graphics, audio, animation, video, or print materials.